Inspiring from the Heart


As a professional Body, Mind & Soul Coach, I combine my experiences of the last 25 years with Personal Development, Interspirituality, Integral Yoga, and Ayurveda. I  successfully coach clients, from all around the world, a well-rounded holistic paradigm that inspires radical lifestyle changes (both inner and outer) which creates positive effects in all areas of their lives – including their abundance, relationships, health, spirituality and success.

My unique approach is based on the understanding of the profound need for you, and all of us, to balance our inner world (mental processes) with our outer world (inspired action) to create the life we desire. While working with me you will learn and implement my Radical Loving™ system, which will create and increase your serenity, productivity, effectiveness, and life fulfillment. And it is THIS foundation that will catapult both your success and joy in life!

My offerings include:

  • The “ASK GWEN” Blog
  • Radical Loving Seminar Series
  • Clearing Books – coming soon!
  • Radical Loving Book – coming soon!
  • Weekend Retreats at El Faro de Alonso
  • Private Coaching & Spiritual Counseling
  • Yoga Classes & Retreats – 2017, yoga studio coming to El Faro de Alsonso!
  • Private Yoga Instruction at El Faro de Alonso
  • Ongoing Group Coaching Support

Isn’t it time to invest in YOU, so that YOU can invest in the world?

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